Sports Performance

Help keep your organization healthy and active – and performing strong – with personalized sports medicine.

Sports medicine specifically designed for performance

We understand that losing time to pain or injury can be difficult. When a sports injury interferes with life, work or play, sports medicine specialists and care teams at Ascension sites of care are here for your team.

Whether we’re caring for professional or student athletes or weekend warriors, our goal is to help them return to their peak performance. Sports medicine doctors at Ascension sites of care, orthopedic surgeons and care teams specialize in treating common sports injuries, such as muscle strain or overuse injuries, in teens and adults. Beyond individual athletes, we also work with schools and sports teams. Some of our sports medicine doctors, physical therapists and care teams provide practice and game-day medical services and concussion testing.

Personalized care to help the recovery process

We work with athletes to understand their goals and create a customized care plan for helping with a safe and strong recovery. We will work with your organization to make sure that care plans include the right combination of:

  • Medical treatments
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Performance psychology
  • Nutrition counseling

Helping equip your team for health and performance

Our care teams coach individuals and teams through injury prevention and show them how to get the most benefit from exercise equipment and other strength training activities. We’ll work to help them eliminate physical and mental barriers so they can improve their overall performance.

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What our clients are saying

Here's how our Sports Performance program is making a difference

"The health & wellness of our players is one of our organization’s highest priorities and proper fueling is one of the foundational elements which makes Lindsay’s position within our organization extremely valuable. Selecting menus and supplements is an important component of Lindsay’s role; however, providing nutritional education to our players is the most important element of Lindsay’s role because the education ensures that each player is able to make sound nutritional decisions when they are outside of our facility. Lindsay has done a terrific job spearheading the nutritional services for our team!"
-Shawn Windle, Director of Sports Performance, Indiana Pacers

"I really have enjoyed it. I think the format of one topic per week is perfect. It gives me time to process each module separately rather than be overwhelmed by the info all at once. It's actually really great timing, too, with not a lot of races to train for and it being so hot and humid. It gives me time to practice all of the fueling and hydrating concepts and adjust as needed and have it more dialed in for an actual training cycle. Overall I've loved it, and I'm SO glad I joined! Also thank you for putting together an Amazon store full of recommendations; that is such a helpful resource."
- Amy Z. (after attending a Nutrition Course for Runners.)

"St Vs has prepared me to compete at the highest level in both OTAs and Training Camp. They have around the clock training staff, an on site Nutritionist, and the best trainers. They focus on transforming your body to be at its maximum potential and make sure you work every muscle group. They motivate you to be your best self every time you step in the gym. It’s been a blessing to work with such great staff to help me prepare for each season."
- Sheldon Day, Indianapolis Colts, Defensive Tackle

"I first found out about SVSP as a freshman football player at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in 2008 and started going for supplemental speed and accessory work. Their services helped me progress to the level I am at today. I come back to train here in the offseason because of the quality of the program(s) and also because of the relationships I made back in high school with the staff. The strength and training teams are exceptionally knowledgeable in their respective fields. The facility has everything an athlete needs to further develop and excel in his or her sport."
- Jon Toth, Philadelphia Eagles, Offensive Lineman

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