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Changing healthcare for employers – and employees

As one of the largest, non-profit Catholic healthcare systems in the country, Ascension is committed to delivering compassionate, personalized healthcare for all. We’re here to support your organization’s goals, delivering care that helps improve health outcomes, increase access, manage costs and get employees back to work quickly.

Your healthcare partner, helping improve employee health

Many employees find their healthcare experience to be frustrating and disjointed. Ascension provides direct healthcare services to employers and are committed to creating a more reliable and personalized experience. With doctors, nurses and caregivers at the heart of our employer solutions, we know how to make the employee connection to the right care, where and when they need it.

From researching symptoms to finding the right doctor to navigating the billing and payment process, Ascension fully understands the patient healthcare journey. We bring this experience and knowledge to benefit you and your workforce.

We start by listening to understand each employee’s health concerns and your organization’s goals. With our unique, clinician-led perspective and backed by our experienced caregivers, we make it easy for employees to get coordinated care by connecting them to a broad range of innovative programs and tools. Providing care in 20 states and the District of Columbia – and serving all 50 states through virtual care – our integrated network supports your employees’ needs by giving them convenient access to whole-person care in the community, at their workplace or even at home.

Employer healthcare solutions that help reduce overall costs

This seamless experience extends to our employer partners. We’re here to help organizations balance high-quality care with financial responsibility, especially as healthcare benefits become more important. We offer:

  • Cost-effective, value-based healthcare programs that align our care teams to your employee population and your organization’s goals
  • A dedicated support team and technology tools that ease your administrative burden and resolve concerns quickly
  • Predictive models and data analytics that help you target opportunities for intervention
  • Customized metrics and key performance indicators to support your reporting needs

When your organization needs a more coordinated, cost-effective way to keep your workforce healthy with the essential health benefits employees value, Ascension Employer Solutions is here for you.

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Our Leadership Team

Joseph Cacchione

Joe Cacchione, M.D. FACC

Executive Vice President, Clinical & Network Services, Ascension

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Thomas Graf

Thomas Graf, M.D., FAAFP

President, Ascension Medical Group

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Marc Lyons

Marc Lyons

Vice President of Employer Solutions, Ascension

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Mark Whalen

Mark Whalen

Chief Strategy Officer, Clinical and Network Services, Ascension

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Scott Eathorne

Scott Eathorne, M.D.

Medical Director, Ascension Michigan Sports Medicine Services

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Philip Eaves

Philip Eaves, MBA

Director, Business Development

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Catrina Bell

Catrina Bell

Operations and Lead Program Manager, Employer Solutions, Clinical and Network Services

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Christine Friedman

Manager of Marketing and Communications, Employer Solutions, Clinical and Network Services

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