Public Safety Medical Program

Healthy employees, better response

Keeping public safety professionals healthy and productive is a unique challenge – one that ultimately affects everyone’s safety. That’s why we’ve developed an integrative healthcare program, aligned with the programs of Public Safety Medical, to help you keep your tactical employees performing and recovering at their highest level. Our program helps you save money and lost time by providing aggressive injury prevention programs that include proactive physical rehabilitation, expert nutrition consultations, and specialized performance programming, including work readiness and return-to-work programming.

Our highly trained and licensed injury prevention and rehabilitation professionals deliver care at your worksite and are aligned with the programs of Public Safety Medical, who have provided care for and performed research on public safety professionals for over 30 years. Our program helps you prevent injuries and get employees back to work sooner with less chance of an injury recurrence. Our services are delivered on a flat-fee contract basis to help you control your budget.

Get best-in-class care with the combined experience and focus of Public Safety Medical and the Ascension Public Safety Medical Program.

Our Public Safety Medical Program can help you:

  • Lower workers’ compensation expenses
  • Contain costs by reducing overtime and backfill
  • Improve athlete readiness to enhance performance
  • Reduce work-related and non-work-related injuries
  • Expedite return-to-work
  • Gain accelerated access to fellowship trained sports medicine physicians, certified athletic trainers, registered dieticians, strength and conditioning specialists, sports psychologists

Here’s what one of our clients had to say...

“I love everything about this program. I've been dealing with some aches and pains that I would likely not have sought treatment for. When this program became available, I gave it a shot, and I think Corey has helped me tremendously. I didn't realize how out of whack my body is. I realize I have a long way to go, but Corey definitely has me going the right direction.”
- Carmel Fire Department tactical athlete (regarding the ASVSP Tactical Athlete Program)

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