Executive Health

Ascension provides busy executive leaders the care they need for personal health and professional performance.

Connecting executives to convenient, quality healthcare

Key leaders need to be in good health to perform at a high level. We understand that business leaders are always on the go, so we connect them with a dedicated executive health team at a convenient location on their schedule.


Executive health participants benefit from the convenience, privacy and extended time spent with a focused executive healthcare team.  Local board-certified physicians, advanced practice providers, registered nurses, dietitians and exercise physiologists work together with each participant to proactively assess each executives’ overall health and give them recommendations for future care.


As part of the executive health experience, we provide:


  • A deep dive into their health concerns and goals 
  • A comprehensive physical exam with a physician 
  • Preventive screenings for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other serious health conditions as recommended 
  • Full cardiovascular fitness and lifestyle evaluations 
  • Updated vaccinations and prescriptions as needed 
  • A personalized care plan tailored to meet the needs of each professional that includes follow-up milestones and referrals as needed 
  • Responsive, personalized service with access to appointment coordinators, to ensure a smooth, efficient experience

Your time and leaders are valuable. With convenient visits and coordinated personalized care, we help provide the tools your leaders need to care for their personal health and professional effectiveness.

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