Disease Management

Ascension, through local disease management teams, provides a comprehensive approach to helping your employees manage chronic conditions to improve their quality of life.

Meeting your employees where they are to manage chronic conditions

Chronic disease management is a complex and critical component of building a healthier workforce. Wherever your employees are on their health and wellness journey, care teams at Ascension sites of care in your state focus on whole-person care, with the goal of improving employees’ overall well-being. By promoting care coordination, compliance and engagement, we also help manage your healthcare costs.

Our disease management programs help your employees live with chronic conditions including: diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and obesity. Through early intervention, appropriate treatment, and lifestyle and behavior modifications, we encourage employees to be active and engaged in their own health and self-care. We promote preventive screenings, health and wellness programs, education, and self-care tools and resources.

We tailor services and programs to meet your employees’ individual healthcare goals and needs. Our multidisciplinary team of trusted health and wellness coaches, doctors, nurses and caregivers work together to coordinate care for the best possible health outcomes across all of Ascension sites of care.

We utilize health assessments and clinical data to identify programs and services that meet the needs of your employees and their families with a keen eye to managing population health and employer costs.

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