Commercial Bundles

Getting care and paying for it can be confusing - but with Ascension it's easy

We take the confusion and complexity out of the payment process

As an employer with ever increasing healthcare costs, growing out-of-pocket expenses for your employees and more healthcare hoops to jump through, now you have a choice. Our commercial bundles program is offering packaged pricing for certain surgical procedures with the same quality care at a fixed price to help you manage costs. You’ll know the cost of the service provided upfront and the invoicing will come directly to you - no insurance, no hassles, just one price, one bill, one great outcome!

Our commitment is to the health of your employees and the quality of care they receive. Ascension’s national network of specialists, has a reputation as a leader in high quality, low cost, clinically integrated patient care. Our specialists are among the most highly trained, experienced, and respected in our markets, serving diverse populations across our market sites.

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