Innovating to improve the healthcare journey

Ascension is continually pioneering innovative tools and programs to help meet both employee health goals and organizational goals. Applying innovation at every step can help reduce employee frustration, boost the health security of employees, increase access to care and create a more efficient, cost-effective experience.

Changing healthcare for greater efficiency

Employers are facing a delicate balance: How can you provide high-quality healthcare and manage rising costs? It will require new ways of delivering care. Traditional healthcare doesn’t always work well with your employees’ complex, fast-paced lives. That’s why we have developed more convenient options to ensure your employees can easily get the care they need, right when they need it.

Telemedicine can provide employees greater access to care from anywhere without taking time off work or leaving home. Ascension Online Care connects employees with an experienced care provider 24/7 for urgent care right from their laptop or smartphone. Also, many Ascension Medical Group doctors now offer virtual care for primary care and specialty care appointments, when appropriate.

Innovation extends beyond access to care. We are rethinking how employees can get their medicines through home delivery or workplace kiosks so they can better adhere to their prescriptions and reduce costly complications. For employees who need hospitalization, we can offer remote patient monitoring afterward at home. This technology-enabled support helps individuals stay on the path to recovery and avoid re-hospitalization.

Aaron Ferber"In our work as the Ascension Studio, we partner closely with our users and customers in defining, designing, and developing Ascension's new technology-enabled services. Whether creating new employee health screening services or integrating virtual care alongside in-person care, we believe it's through ongoing collaboration and continuous iteration that we can best understand what the real needs and opportunities are, what solutions work at scale, and ultimately how we can deliver the best experience and maximum value. That means that our employer partners and their employees should expect not just modern technology experiences from Ascension, but also that they are co-creators with us in designing the future of their healthcare experience." - Aaron Ferber, Vice President of Design

Harnessing data to deliver the right care

Improving employee health outcomes starts with understanding your population’s needs. Using predictive models and robust data analytics can help you understand the health needs and habits of your unique workforce. When we can see who needs what type of care, we direct employees to the right care for each individual, help mitigate risks before they become more costly health events, and work to ensure quality health outcomes.

For example, Ascension Care Management is driven by analytics reports that pinpoint gaps in care for your employees and metrics customized to your organization. Our team can identify individuals for targeted interventions, assist with removing any barriers to care and measure quality. The results can add up to cost containment and improved health for your employees.

Meeting new challenges with innovation

As healthcare needs evolve, Ascension continues to look for ways to make it work more efficiently. For example, to answer the need for screening employees for coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, we created Screen & Go, a simple, online self-screening tool that employees can use daily to check their symptoms before coming to work. Automated reports give employers a streamlined way to monitor employee health and manage staffing changes.

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