Employee Care Experience

Creating a better healthcare experience

Employee expectations for healthcare have changed. They want more personalized navigation, more coordinated care and more convenient options. With Employer Solutions, you can give them the connected experience they want to engage deeply with their care, improve their health and consistently be productive in the workplace.
Personalized support at every step

When your employees start their healthcare journey with Ascension, they will always have someone helping them along the way.

Our Care Management Team proactively reaches out to employees who need the most care, helping to coordinate their doctor visits, encouraging them to follow their treatment plans and helping them overcome any barriers to care. For all employees, our Member Experience Team can assist with finding a doctor, understanding benefits and sorting out billing issues.

When your employees do need care, they have the option of seeing a doctor online or calling our nurse line, who can direct them to the right care quickly or can sometimes resolve their questions right over the phone.

Delivering a seamless experience

From a do-it-yourself symptom checker to convenient online bill payment, we can simplify the employee care experience.

At the doctor’s office, that could mean checking in electronically and avoiding paperwork. Behind the scenes, our clinically integrated network coordinates care among multiple providers, enabling greater continuity of care and reducing unnecessary appointments and interventions.

Meeting employees where they are

We’ve extended beyond the traditional primary care model to provide personalized services wherever an employee needs it – including at home and online.

For large employers, we also offer the convenience of onsite and near-site clinics. By giving your employees quick access to primary care providers, your organization can reduce avoidable expensive ER visits and help employees get back to work faster – with a service that consistently achieves high satisfaction scores.

Ready to find the right healthcare solutions for your organization?