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Screen & Go

Daily COVID-19 screening tool: Protecting the health and wellness of your employees
  • Receive timely notifications of staff shortages
  • Provide home monitoring for symptomatic employees
  • No app downloads required

Used daily by over 50,000 Ascension caregivers and associates

Key Benefits

Help protect your work environment from exposure to COVID-19 and keep your employees well

Employee Wellness

Help protect your work environment from exposure to COVID-19 and keep your employees well

Timely Notifications

Receive timely notifications so staffing shortages and schedule changes can be anticipated in advance

Healthy Workplace

Employees are provided reassurance that their health and the safety of their work environment are a top priority

Employee Confidence

Employees have confidence that they are working alongside others who have also passed a health screening each day


Symptom Screen

Symptom Screening

Non-symptomatic employees receive a confirmation screen to show that they are symptom free and ready to work

At Risk Outcome Guidance

Employees who are showing symptoms or conditions commonly associated with COVID-19 will receive instructions on next steps

Color Coded Confirmation Screens

Color coded confirmation screens allow for quick viewing at employer checkpoints

Home Monitoring

Medical Professionals monitor the status of a symptomatic employee from a digital dashboard, directing them to additional care or when to return to work
Your Data

Your Employees, Your Data

All information submitted by employees is protected in a secure database unique to each employer. No application data is shared or used for any other purpose.